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O&S Aviation Srl is a company responsible for maintenance and sale of avionic and nautical components trough repair shops.

Based on a vicennial experience, thanks to the cooperation of successful international companies, our society is able to supply avionic support, guarantying priority to the quality of services, without ignore delivery times and necessities of our customers.

Thanks to the availability of people who work for the Company, we are able to supply immediate assistance and inform in real time about your status, assuring the respect of your requests.



Avionics parts

Gyroscope,tarsyn, RMI, horizon

Hydraulics parts

Servo actuator for principal rotor and tail rotor

Mechanics parts

Rescue hoists and cargo hooks


Engine’s accessories; engines

Elastomeric parts

Spindle – dampers – pivot bearing – landing gear strap – pylon – rod end

Fuel cell

Dynamic Components

Main Rotor Hub Assy – Hub & Sleeve Assy – Swashplate & Support Assy – Main Transmission Assy etc

Rotor Blade

Main rotor blade – tail rotor blade

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